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What to expect at visit

(1) You arrive at the hospital.

(2) You are registered and seen by a provider.

(3) The nurse or provider will call Ampersand to notify an advocate and alert the SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner).

(4) you will be medically cleared for any other injuries while awaiting the SANE.

(5) When the SANE arrives we will do a detailed interview and exam. It is OK to be interviewed with provider, SANE, and law enforcement (if necessary) at the same time to avoid retelling your story.

(6) The exam typically takes about 2-3 hours from start to finish.

(7) It is best to not eat, drink, brush your teeth, shower, change clothes, or anything to reduce possibility to obtain DNA.

(8) We will give you clean clothes and allow you to shower after exam.

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